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Deuba’s mixed report card

Photo: AMIT MACHAMASI/NEPALI TIMES ARCHIVE On his first anniversary in office this month, Nepal’s five-time prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and his coalition governments get a mixed report card. Deuba came to power by riding on an internal feud within the leadership of the powerful Nepal Communist Party (NCP) that ruled the country after the UML and Maoists together won the 2017 polls. As the NCP disintegrated, so did the UML, and Deuba replaced K P Oli in July 2021. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It has been a chequered year for Deuba. On the plus side, more than 90% of Nepal’s eligible population is… [...]

Nepal’s new generation of alternative artists

Aashma Dangol, “Sir Frog”, Oil paint on canvas. All photos: BIKALPA ART CENTRE. Bikalpa Art Centre (BAC) in Pulchok is an interdisciplinary space onto itself. A cosy complex cloistered by low-hanging trees, it has a cafe, workstations, a music stage and a rectangular gallery where the latest pop-up exhibition Monsoon Hymn is underway.  Bikalpa means ‘alternative’ in Nepali, and the gallery features works by artists Aashma Dangol, Sundar Lama, Aditi Sherpa, Anamika Gautam, Devina Joshi, Katyani Rai and Priyanka Singh Maharjan. The exhibition explores the essence of growing up and youth culture in Nepal, alongside documenting their multifaceted inner lives… [...]

“Nepalis are dying because they are poor”

Govinda KC, Nepal’s crusading surgeon and health activist, plastering a patient’s ankle at the Mugu District Hospital on Sunday. He saw 177 patients for free in five days before travelling on to Jumla on foot. Photos: ACHYUTRAJ BHANDARI Nepal’s  crusading surgeon and health activist Govinda KC has been on hunger strike 19 times since 2012, demanding medical education  reform and equitable healthcare. After retiring from his government job, KC has served patients in all 77 districts and other disaster-stricken countries. He is currently at Khandbari District Hospital in Sankhuwasabha where Nepali Times caught up with him.  Excerpt from the conversation: Nepali… [...]

Ladies and gentlemen and dear customers, we will now take you away from our regular programming to some breaking news being streamed live on FB from the office of the Ministry of Aviation, Vermiculture and Marxism where Minister Ale has Managing Director Adhikari of Nepal Airlines in a firm jack-knife hold. The managing director tries to wriggle out by executing a reversal, and come to the top position. But can he do it, or can he not? The Minister is carrying out a below-the-belt move called the crotch-lift, and the World Wrestling Federation manual says this position can be employed… [...]

A tale of three cities

Bhaktapur Darbar Square. Photo: AMIT MACHAMASI Restoration of monuments damaged in the 2015 earthquake have been carried out differently in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, and this has depended a lot on the political will and community involvement to adhere to traditional building methods and materials. The cohesiveness of the community living in the historic core of the three cities has also determined the pace and accuracy of reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Since Bhaktapur and Lalitpur have retained much of the historic sense of community and have elected more accountable mayors, restoration there has gone… [...]

Ensuring health insurance for all Nepalis

Photo: POSSIBLE HEALTH Ever since Finance Minister Janardan Sharma in his budget speech last month announced a plan to hand over management of Nepal’s national health insurance program to the private sector, experts are concerned that it will make medical treatment unaffordable for most people.  Indeed, privatising health insurance is like the government abandoning its people, experts say, and it defeats the very purpose of the program — to provide affordable care for the most underserved communities who can neither access private plans nor expensive hospitals. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Health insurance delivers the right of citizens to proper… [...]

Sick of it

Belamati Nepali of West Rukum was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and underwent surgery in Lalitpur. Her husband Khadke sold the family livestock to pay for his wife’s chemotherapy. He mortgaged his house to a local lender for Rs500,000, which he will lose if he doesn’t pay it back by October. But the money has run out. He says, “I am worried about losing my home, but I am now even more afraid of losing my wife.” Aman Dhamala’s 23-year-old son was seriously injured in a landslide last year in Kalikot. A local hospital could not treat him, and he borrowed Rs250,000… [...]


Issue #99 21-27 June 2002 Equity in Education  The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the digital divide in Nepal’s education system, and the widening disparity between the private and public schools. But this problem existed long before the coronavirus crisis.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The government has historically neglected public schools where 80% of Nepali children are enrolled. This is evident in the performance of students at the national exams.  Two decades later, not much has changed, the education sector is still politicised and the government is unwilling to address the quality of instruction as well as that of teachers in… [...]

Taking wealth out of health

Charikot Hospital. Photo: NYAYA HEALTH NEPAL Nepal’s medical industrial complex has modernised healthcare in the country, but it has also pushed treatment out of reach of most citizens. Collusion between politicians and medical magnates has made it so expensive to become a doctor that it has set off a chain reaction to make hospital treatment unaffordable. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Meanwhile, government hospitals are under-funded, under-staffed and under-motivated. Most medical personnel in district hospitals and health posts moonlight in private clinics, and patient treatment is substandard. Desperate families have to sell property, jewelry and other assets to afford private… [...]

In a healthy state

Photo: NEPALI TIMES ARCHIVE Every year, half a million Nepalis fall below the poverty line paying for expensive medical care. Another three million face financial burden, unable to pay hospital bills even after selling their assets. This is over 10% of Nepal’s population.  Nepal might have taken dramatic strides in reducing maternal mortality and childhood malnutrition in the last decades, but it is lagging behind in assuring accessible and affordable healthcare for its people.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This is a crime, it goes against the Constitution which guarantees basic health care for all Nepalis. Like other social sectors… [...]

Kathmandu, June 27 The Supreme Court has told the government to allow jailbirds to vote in the upcoming House of Representatives elections due to be held in November. A single bench of Justice Sapana Malla Pradhan has ordered the government to include the names of people in prison and judicial custody on the voters’ list. Malla’s order stated the government should also include prisoners and detainees for the purpose of their voting for the proportional representation system in the House of Representatives elections. The government had included prisoners in the voters’ list during the 2008 and 2013 elections of the… [...]

Kathmandu, June 27 New ministers appointed by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to represent the CPN-Unified Socialist party have taken an oath of office and secrecy and assumed office on Monday. President Bidya Devi Bhandari administered the oath of office and secrecy to four newly appointed ministers at a ceremony held at Sheetal Niwas on Monday. Minister for Health and Population, Bhawani Khapung; Minister for Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation, Jeevan Ram Shrestha; Minister for Urban Development, Metmani Chaudhary and Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Sher Bahadur Kunwar took the oath of office. After taking the oath… [...]

Kathmandu, June 27 Sabiti, a play based on Jagdish Ghimire’s magnum opus with the same title will be staged by Theatre Village at Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali from July 1 to 3.   The play has been designed and directed by Bimal Subedi.Popular Indian theatre artist Anuradha Majumder will be featured as the lead character of the play. Theatre Village is staging this play for the second time. Previously, it was staged in 2013.   “The novel Sabiti written 47 years ago accurately captures the true nature of the myriad absurdities that continue to exist in society today,” says Subedi. According… [...]

Dang, June 27 Two Nepali women were raped near the Nepal-India border in Dang on Sunday. The Dang District Police Office says two women from Rajpur rural municipality were gang-raped in near Manipur Bazar by a few Indian locals. They were raped near a jungle along the India-Nepal border, says DSP Mukunda Prasad Rijal. The same group of Indians robbed four other women, informs Rijal. The incident came to light after the survivors filed a complaint at a local police station. Rijal says since the incident took place in India, Indian police are looking into the case. The women have… [...]

Kathmandu, June 27 The National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal has urged singers not to release indecent, ambiguous and indigestible Teej songs that disrupt social harmony and culture. Ramesh BG, the president of the academy, has issued a press release warning that if the institutional request is ignored, the artist will be deprived of general membership and other institutional services. The academy has urged not to create controversial Teej songs and music videos as there have been complaints against such songs because they disrupt cultural values and norms of the society.   “This year, too, the academy has its… [...]

Kathmandu, June 27 Over 4,500 complaints were recorded at Kathmandu metropolitan city’s call centre since it came into operation on June 7. The call centre came into operation after Balen Shah was elected the city’s mayor. The metropolis, in order to make the call centre effective, has hired and trained personnel in grievance redressal. These people have been taught how to behave with the caller, keep patience and correctly jot down what the person had to say and enter it into a software program. After a complaint is recorded by a person, it then goes through a liaison officer who… [...]

Chitwan, June 27 Kajalkali, an elephant which had collapsed for the third time, died at Chitwan’s Hotel Paradise on Sunday. The hotel’s owner, Shri Lal Pariyar, who had been looking after the ill elephant, said she died on Sunday at 3.40 pm. The elephant was buried in the place she breathed her last as per Hindu tradition, informed Pariyar. National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) veterinarian, Kiran Raj Rijal, had constantly come to monitor the elephant’s situation. He said that she had not been eating well for the past eight days and was always laying down. “She tried to drink… [...]

From buyer to seller: This Kavre village changes its vegetable dependence by 180 degrees in 5 years

Some five years ago, residents of the Kuikel Thumka village in the Namobuddha municipality-2 in the Kavre district used to travel to another village and buy vegetables enough for their weekly demands. But, today, the villagers have turned their condition around 180 degrees, and they are not just growing their vegetables but also selling them in neighbouring villages too.  They surely received some external help, but it was the villagers that have taken ownership and changed their livelihood. They say they are today happier than ever, to have sustainable and organic produce in their backyard. This Kavre village is an… [...]

Aiya! Maya: Symbols dance in a new Kathmandu play to give the spectators food for thought

Under the yellowish light, five of the characters are seated on stools. In the background, music from tabla and tanpura can be heard. After some time, these characters abruptly get up from their respective seats and begin to perform freely with peculiar moves. Looking at their movement, the audience can feel that they are in search of something within each other. The dance moves are well synchronised and choreographed. The actors’ symbolic expressions of aggression, agony, and tension while dancing give a charm to their performance. This is the initial scene from the play Aiya! Maya, devised and directed by… [...]

Why do politicians in Nepal lie?

Late JB Tuhure’s song–A stream of migrants makes the heart of the stayers cry/ The country deserted for millions, a few felt paradise–became the mainstay of the leftist movement in Nepal so far. Moreover, this song became the weapon of the Jhapa Revolt in 1969, the first-ever political crusade against the Panchayat system for land ownership and establishing tenants’ rights over the land. The columnist does not know where this song took JB Tuhure, but, surely, some of the politicians of the movement are living a high life. But, where did they bring the so-called revolution? Nowadays, the politicians of… [...]

Kathmandu, June 26 President Bidya Devi Bhandari has reshuffled the cabinet on Sunday evening. The cabinet reshuffle brings four new members into the council of ministers. According to the President’s Office, the following new ministers have been appointed as recommended by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in the cabinet reshuffle decided on Sunday. SNPositionNew minister nominatedOutgoing minister1Minister for HealthBhawani KhapungBirodh Khatiwada2Minister for Culture and TourismJeevan Ram ShresthaPrem Ale3Minister for Urban DevelopmentMetmani ChaudharyRam Kumari Jhakri4Minister for Labour and EmploymentSher Bahadur KunwarKrishna Kumar Shrestha5State Minister for HealthHira Chandra KCBhawani Khapung Of them, Health Minister Khapung is not a new face as he… [...]

Kathmandu, June 26 Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prem Ale and Minister for Urban Development, Ram Kumari Jhakri have resigned from their post effective immediately citing pressure from their CPN-Unified Socialist Party. They organised different press conferences at their respective ministries in the capital this evening and announced their resignation. It has already been three weeks since the party has recommended a reshuffle into the cabinet. It has called back four ministers and sent new ones in their place. However, the cabinet reshuffle was postponed then citing it could give trouble for the government to endorse the annual… [...]

Kathmandu, June 26 Two more cholera cases have been found in the Kathmandu valley. With this, the total number of cholera cases has reached 10. District Health Office, Kathmandu, said that it had found cases in Naikap and Patan. Epidemiology and Disease Control Division said it found cholera cases in Bagbazar, Dillibazar, Kapan, Sanepa, Balaju, Balkhu and Thankot. Public health experts are warning that this was a serious issue and the disease could break into an epidemic. Following the warning, District Administration Office, Kathmandu, has said it will start testing waters jars, bottles and tankers. The Lalitpur metropolitan city on… [...]

Kathmandu, June 26 Three foreigners, lost in the Chandragiri jungle, west of Kathmandu, have been rescued on Sunday. A 10-member team of Nepal Police headed towards the Chandragiri jungle on Saturday evening after they were informed about three foreigners getting lost in the jungle. The foreigners were around 100 metres below a hilltop near the Chitlang-Thankot road section. They were rescued using ropes, informs Nepal Police’s spokesperson SP Dinesh Raj Mainali. SP Mainali says the foreigners–Douglas Rowe from the United States and Nawapreet Dillon and Madhav Gupta from India–are fine and are reunited with their friends. The post Police rescue… [...]

Kathmandu, June 26 A landslide at Nagdi Khola in Chitwan’s Ichchhakamana rural municipality has obstructed the Prithvi Highway. According District Police Office, Chitwan, the landslide, that occurred around noon has obstructed vehicles along the Kathmandu-Muglin road section. DSP Narhari Adhikari says they are working on clearing the road so vehicle movement can start soon. Over 100 vehicles are stuck on each side of the road, inform police. The post Landslide near Muglin obstructs traffic on Prithvi Highway appeared first on OnlineKhabar English News. [...]