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On the fast lane to expressways

Piecemeal and whimsical decisions by governments about Nepal’s transport infrastructure have not only drained scarce resources, but also created long-term economic inefficiencies.   The Transport Policy of 2001 is obsolete, and over-run by vote bank politics. Two parallel East-West Highways and one railway along the entire length of the 20km wide Tarai is a triplication, and sure to yield negative economic returns.   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The railway’s bisection will inhibit natural trickle-down development affect and further settlement expansion southwards. Water impounding is another challenge, and Nepal is already suffering from drainage obstructions by embankments on the Indian… [...]

Open season on hacking into gov.np

More than 400 Nepal government websites went down for hours on Saturday, disrupting services and inconveniencing thousands of passengers at Kathmandu airport, exposing the vulnerability to hacking of the gov.np domain. Hackers appear to have targeted the government’s only central data bank at the Government Integrated Data Centre (GIDC) with a ‘Distributed-Denial of Service’ attack, possibly from abroad, and knocked out most government ministry websites, including the database of the Department of Immigration as well as Passports. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The attack began at noon on Saturday and lasted at least four hours. Since it was a holiday,… [...]

An architect of a better Sikkim

Kailash Pradhan was one of many independent candidates to run in Sikkim’s non-partisan municipal elections in 2021. All photos courtesy: KAILASH PRADHAN Corruption was rife. There was rank opportunism. Service delivery was poor and impunity had become institutionalised. There was environmental degradation everywhere in the mountains. No, we are not talking about Nepal. This is Sikkim, which till 1975 was an independent Himalayan kingdom, and has been a state of India since its annexation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Like in Nepal’s 2022 polls, professionals fed up with the way Sikkim was being governed, and impatient for change decided to… [...]

Adventures of a little dumpling named Momo (and other books)

Photos: MOMO AND UNCLE YETI In the high Himalaya of Nepal, a little dumpling child Momo wakes up to the sight of the majestic mountains. While on an adventure to climb one of the peaks, Momo receives an invitation from a family member via postcard to travel to a different land with a promise of an exciting undertaking. Thus begins the journey of Momo to New York to find Uncle Yeti who went there to sample the various food the city has to offer. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Washington DC-based Nepali-American author Sibani Karki chronicles Momo’s voyage to the… [...]

The rise and fall of Rabi Lamichhane

Supporters of the RSP shout slogans in support of Rabi Lamichhane outside the Supreme Court on Friday evening. Photo: RSS Rabi Lamichhane and his independent party had a meteoric rise — just five months after he launched the RSP, it became the fourth largest party in Parliament after the 22 November elections. But on Friday, Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled that Lamichhane was not a Nepali citizen, which means he has automatically lost his post as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, his MP seat, as well as the leadership of his party.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Court’s Constitutional… [...]

“It does not pay to have integrity”

Photo: GOPEN RAI Excerpted translation of the testimony that Prem Prasad Acharya left before self-immolation in front of Parliament on 24 January. The government has formed an investigation committee led by the secretary of the Home Ministry to look into his allegations. Acharya’s wife Nanuka has filed an FIR with Police against 12 individuals and companies mentioned in the Facebook post for abetting the suicide. I am an ordinary youth entrepreneur Prem Prasad Acharya (Santosh) born 17 August 1986 in Fikkal 11 Kerabari of Ilam district, Province 1. I was moving ahead in life fulfilling my responsibilities towards my family,… [...]

Putting Nepal on the right track

Imagine it is the year 2070 AD. You board a train in Janakpur at 7:37AM, enjoy scenic views between tunnel stretches, and arrive into Kathmandu Central Station’s cavernous underground hall at 8:43AM. You take the escalator up to the South Exit and emerge on to the front steps of what was once Narayanhiti Palace, gazing on to a broad plaza and Darbar Marg beyond. You stroll along dust-free streets to New Road, take care of  business and hop onto the Metro back to Central Station to catch the 12:46PM West-Nepal Express. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After a four-minute ride… [...]


Issue #129 24-30 January 2003 Education for all Nepal has made dramatic improvements in literacy rates and school enrolment over the past 20 years. The same cannot be said for the quality of education. In fact, standards have declined progressively because of obsolete curricula, untrained teachers and poor instruction. Shishir Khanal of Teach for Nepal is the new Education Minister, and he has his work cut out. He should delegate responsibility for school-level education to municipalities as directed by the Constitution, and fund them. There should be no more talk of nationalising education, which would discourage those who are doing what the… [...]

The sky is the limit for photography on canvas

All photos: ASHISH DHAKAL Contemporary videographer and photographer Aakash Pradhan’s latest show at Wind Horse Gallery in Jhamsikhel comes across as being a quiet affair. But Corny Clouds, curated by Ujen Norbu Gurung, is far from the mawkishly sentimental. It leads the viewer through the glass doors into a dimly-lit corridor which has a calming atmosphere – quite literally, as on the walls one finds variously sized photography-on-canvases of the sky. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The first are part of a triptych, ‘Nothing But Good Energy’. Large canvases as blue as the word ‘clear’ itself. The colour gradient shifts concentrically around a brilliant sun, as… [...]

“Ambedkar would have spoken out”

Project Syndicate: Your latest book, Ambedkar: A Life, is a biography of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, a figure widely revered in India for his role in abolishing the caste system, empowering the Dalit community, and creating India’s constitution. How might a modern Ambedkar regard – and resist – rising bigotry and majoritarianism in today’s India? Shashi Tharoor: There is no doubt that Ambedkar would have opposed this trend in India today. He was the first – and remains the most important – figure to articulate a non-Hindu conception of Indian nationalism, making current attempts by the Hindutva movement to appropriate him astonishingly hypocritical.… [...]

Pokhara: 2 injured as man tries self-immolation, woman saves him

Representational image. Photo: Pexels/ Jutta Albers Pokhara, January 29 Two people have sustained burn injuries in an apparent self-immolation attempt in Pokhara, the Gandaki provincial capital. Krishna Bahadur Chhetri, who would operate a stionery shop at Kanhukhola, Pokhara-13, and his house owner Sangita Sapkota are undergoing treatment at Western Regional Hospital. The hospital says Sapkota, who went to save Chhetri from immolation, is more injured than Chhetri. “The woman has 85 per cent of her body burnt. She is critical and is undergoing treatment in the emergency ward,” the hospital director Bharat Khatri says, “The man’s only 25 per cent… [...]

Nepal T20 League controversy: 7 CAN members demand President Chand, Secretary Malla resign

Five members of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) executive committee organise a press conference to share their views about the spot-fixing in the Nepal T20 League, in Kathmandu on Sunday, January 29, 2023. Kathmandu, January 29 Seven central committee members of the national cricket governing body, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), have demanded resignations from CAN President Chatur Bahadur Chand and Acting Secretary Prashant Bikram Malla among five over the Nepal T20 League spot-fixing controversy. Organising a press conference on Sunday, members Rishi Raj Gautam, Daud Ansari, Sanjaya Raj Singh, Karan Mahatara Chhetri, Amit Bir Pandey, Chhumbi Lama and… [...]

Rabi Lamichhane citizenship-passport controversy: Your 7 FAQs answered

File: Rabi Lamichhane announces Rastriya Swatantra Party. Rabi Lamichhane’s political career has been nothing but a roller coaster. Having made a name as a television presenter, Lamichhane jumped into politics forming the Rastriya Swatantra Party and proved many people wrong by winning the 20 seats in the 2022 general elections. Following their success in the elections, Lamichhane and his party even joined the ruling coalition and he became the country’s home minister. But things took an ugly turn for him last Friday when the Supreme Court scraped his parliament and cabinet membership for not obtaining Nepali citizenship after renouncing his… [...]

Monty Desai begins working as the Nepal cricket coach without formal appointment

File: Monty Desai Kathmandu, January 29 Monty Desai has begun working as the head coach of the Nepal national cricket team without obtaining a formal appointment. As the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) announced a 28-member preliminary squad for a tri-series against Namibia and Scotland under the ICC World Cup Cricket League 2 on Friday, Desai began coaching them at the TU cricket ground, Kirtipur. As the appointment process got entangled in a complicated bureaucratic procedure taking a longer than expected time, CAN decided to begin working with him as an expert for now. The CAN recommendation to pick Desai… [...]

Gulmi woman found dead, murder suspected

A woman is found dead in her house in the Musikot municipality of Gulmi, on Sunday, January 29, 2023. Gulmi, January 29 A woman has been found dead in her house in mysterious circumstances in the Musikot municipality-7 in the Gulmi district of Lumbini. Police have suspected murder. The District Police Office has identified the deceased as Ganga Devi Sherchan (57), who used to stay alone in her house and operate an eatery there. The entrance to the house was locked when the body was found on Sunday morning. Earlier locals had informed the local police after they saw her… [...]

Rabi Lamichhane obtains Nepali citizenship

Rabi Lamichhane gets out of the Kathmandu District Administration Office after obtaining the Nepali citizenship back, in Kathmandu on Sunday, January 29, 2023. Photo: Aryan Dhimal Kathmandu, January 29 Former deputy prime minister Rabi Lamichhane obtained the Nepali citizenship again on Sunday. Two days after the Supreme Court removed him from the parliament and cabinet for failing to re-activate the citizenship after renouncing the United States citizenship upon his arrival back from the US a few years back, Lamichhane went to the Kathmandu District Administration Office on Sunday morning to obtain the citizenship. The order also meant Lamichhane lost the… [...]

Matribhumi Library comes into operation in Syangja village

Former council of ministers chief Khil Raj Regmi among others inaugurate the Matribhumi Library in Birgha, Syangja, on Thursday, January 26, 2023. Photo: Courtesy Rajendra Prasad Pandey Kathmandu, January 29 The Birghakatti village in Kaligandaki rural municipality-4 of the Syangja district in western Nepal has opened the Matribhumi Library which the founders claim will be crucial in advancing rural development in the district. Former chief of the council of ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, inaugurated the library amid a function on Thursday last week. The function was attended by national and international guests who contributed funds and other support to the… [...]

Dolphins in Nepal are making a comeback. It’s time to accelerate their conservation

File Photo Tek Mahato Tharu had only heard from his grandfathers that dolphins in Nepal were a common sight in yesteryear. But as he grew up, he could not spot them in the Narayani river close to his house. He thought the grandfather told him a story. However, in these last two months, Mahato has not only seen the dolphins but also taken photos and made the country aware of how the dolphins are making the much-awaited comeback to the Narayani river. “I heard that dolphins in Nepal, including in the Narayani, were spotted in 2018, but only last year,… [...]

Why is leprosy in Nepal a growing concern?

A man with hand deformity caused by leprosy. Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. It is one of the oldest known diseases and has been mentioned in various religious texts throughout history. Leprosy in Nepal and its symptoms have been mentioned in various religious texts including Swasthani. Overall, people knew the disease but considered it a result of sins and actions of past life.  Nepal declared itself leprosy-free in January 2010, but the disease still affects at least 3,000 people in the country on a yearly basis. So why? Why… [...]

Price list: 8 best electric cars available in Nepal as of January 2023

Best electric vehicles in Nepal. Photo: Onlinekhabar collage The search for the best electric cars now has been a race not only in Nepal but all over the world. With electrification being a topmost priority, and vehicles using some of the most amounts of fossil fuels, electric cars are now the future of mobility. In Nepal too, people are searching for the best electric cars, whether they are buying new or switching from fossil-fueled to electric cars. There are some absolute best electric cars available currently and new and improved electric cars are getting available in the near future in… [...]

Prem Prasad Acharya has asked serious questions to Nepal government and society. Who’ll answer them?

Members of the public stage a demonstration in Kathmandu calling the government to address concerns raised by Prem Prasad Acharya, who killed himself in Kathmandu, on January 25, 2023. Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ale Prem Prasad Acharya self-immolating in front of the parliament building on Tuesday with hundreds looking on has posed some serious questions. His death on Wednesday has posed even more questions to the government along with the capitalist society. Acharya left with questions that those in power must answer. These questions are strong and affect every member of the public. Maybe that is why the Council of Ministers,… [...]

Controlling corruption in Nepal: What after Prem Prasad Acharya’s suicide?

Representational image: Pixabay The recent suicide of Prem Prasad Acharya in front of the federal parliament building in Kathmandu highlights the growing frustration and despair among the citizens of Nepal due to the prevalent issue of corruption in the country. Transparency International’s latest report has ranked Nepal 117th out of 180 countries in terms of corruption perception. This has not only had a detrimental effect on the economy but also on the lives of citizens who are struggling to make ends meet. The number of suicide cases in Nepal has been alarmingly high in recent years. This is a clear… [...]

Think like a consumer to choose your academic degree: A guide to Nepalis

In Nepal of late, with so many educational institutions and universities offering different and diverse academic degrees and programmes, it gets rather confusing for students and their parents to make effective decisions on the degrees and institutions suitable for them. Education is a matter of personal taste and individual choice, so giving direct suggestions for selecting a particular academic degree is useless. However, we need consumer perspectives, discussions, situational awareness, and analysis on different educational products developed and promoted by different universities and education institutions, especially acknowledging international and national labour markets, career counselling, job opportunities, and entrepreneurship. After all,… [...]

Rabi Lamichhane citizenship row: Court scraps parliament, cabinet membership

Rabi Lamichhane takes over as a deputy minister and the minister for home affairs, in Kathmandu, on Monday, December 26, 2022. Kathmandu, January 27 The Supreme Court has scrapped the lawmaker’s status of Deputy Prime Minister Rabi Lamichhane. A constitutional bench led by Acting Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki issued the verdict Friday. The verdict reads that Lamichhane was not qualified to contest the House of Representatives election as he did not take initiative to obtain Nepali citizenship after renouncing his American citizenship. He handed his resignation to Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal. Resigning as the minister, Lamichhane said that… [...]

Air accidents increased due to non-compliance of ICAO standards, say experts

The wreckage of an aeroplane that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal, on Sunday, January 15, 2023. Photo: Radhika Khatiwada/RSS Kathmandu, January 27 Experts have said that air accidents have increased in Nepal due to failure to fully comply with the norms set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Former Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Sanjeev Gautam, then Director General of Aviation Department Birendra Bahadur Deuja, and former Engineer Director of Nepal Airlines Achyut Raj Pahari said that there is a lack of skilled human resources in the country to make its airspace safe. Speaking at a… [...]